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Jonah Hill’s Ex Releases Texts, Exposes His Alleged Emotional Abuse

The text messages show Hill writing out his “boundaries.”

A photo of Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady alongside some of the alleged texts
Sarah Brady posts alleged texts between her and her ex Jonah Hill, alleging emotional abuse.

“Superbad” actor Jonah Hill is facing backlash for his alleged texts to his ex, Sarah Brady, a surfer based in California.

Brady posted screenshots of the alleged texts to her Instagram story, claiming they were sent from Hill in 2021. In the texts, Hill asks Brady not to do certain things, like posting photos of herself in bathing suits, being friends with women “who are in unstable places,” or surfing with men.

After a laundry list of what he expects from Brady, he follows up with:

“If these things bring you to a place of happiness, I support it and there will be no hard feelings. These are my boundaries for romantic partnership.”

In her Instagram story post, Brady points out the misuse of the word “boundaries.” She suggested that Hill would gaslight her in order to stay in control. One of the photos that Hill allegedly asked her to remove featured her in a two piece bathing suit.

Interestingly enough, Hill slid into Brady’s DMs with a photo of her surfing in a bikini. He allegedly sent the hearts eyes emoji in reaction to the photo and claimed he wanted to see her.

Back to the texts, Hill allegedly states:

“…and modeling, which is the last profession I would be with as a partner.”

Brady quips, “thot pics,” a reference to what Hill may have said. She later told Hill that he should have inquired more about her career before starting a romantic relationship with her, stating that it was a bit late at that point.

Full Gallery of Alleged Text Messages:

A screenshot of Meaningful Existence’s Instagram post about its latest hat line
Meaningful Existence was started by Jonah Hill as a satiric jab at lifestyle and wellness gurus. Its latest hat lines didn’t go over well with social media users

Hill has yet to respond to the allegations, though his lifestyle and clothing brand, Meaningful Existence, dropped a line of hats that say, “Complete Unrelenting Control.” A few Social media users see the move as distasteful.

“He’s so weird and disgusting,” said one Twitter user.

“Yikes, everyone went to the Colleen Balinger school of handling allegations I see…” another Twitter user quipped. This is a clear reference to the YouTuber’s apology video amidst her various controversies.

Meaningful Existence, according to its website, appears to be a satiric quip at lifestyle and wellness gurus.

“Meaningful Existence is the lifestyle and wellness COMMUNITY founded, run, and ruled by Prophet Ezekiel Profit. Based on the teachings of Profit, WE HAVE one simple goal: to spread joy throughout the universe by Monetizing Happiness,” the about us page reads.

Hill has yet to make a statement of his own in response to Brady’s allegations. He welcomed a baby with his current girlfriend, Olivia Miller, in May. Though, the gender of the baby has not been revealed.

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