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Tori Kelly “Feeling Stronger” After Blood-Clot Diagnosis

Kelly’s husband updates the public on the singer’s hospital scare.

Tori Kelly was rushed to a hospital after she passed out during an outing with friends.

TMZ reported that the singer was at dinner with her friends when she fell unconscious for quite some time. Her friends proceeded to drive her to Cedar Sinai hospital as they didn’t want her at a hospital in downtown Los Angeles.

Upon her arrival to Cedars-Sinai, doctors discovered blood clots around Kelly’s lungs and in her legs. As of Monday, doctors are working to figure out if there are blood clots around her heart.

Kelly’s husband, basetball player André Murillo, said on his Instagram story that she’s “smiling and feeling stronger,” though she isn’t in the clear just yet.

“Just waiting on a few more answers,” Murillo wrote. “Your love and kindness has been overwhelming. Thank you so much!”

Kelly was scheduled to perform at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood on Friday. It’s not clear if the show is canceled or postponed.

The singer’s upcoming EP, “tori,” is due to be released on Friday as well. The EP follows four studio albums, including her debut “ Unbreakable Smile.”

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