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Trey Songz Surrenders to Police Custody Due to Bowling Alley Incident

Updated: Jul 5

The latest in a string of assault incidents involving the "Neighbors Know My Name" singer.

Trey Songz has faced many allegations of physical and sexual assault over the years, including the time Keke Palmer accused him of “sexual intimidation” during a video shoot (Photo via Trey Songz on Instagram)

Trey Songz turned himself into the New York Police Department for allegedly assaulting two people at a bowling alley earlier this year.

TMZ reports that Songz was given a desk appearance ticket for assault, and police released him shortly after.

One of the alleged victims was a woman, who was hospitalized for her injuries following the assault. In the bathroom of the bowling alley, Songz allegedly punched the woman repeatedly and dragged her by her hair. Another man was allegedly punched in the eye by the singer, though he refused medical treatment. 

Mitch Schuster, Songz’s lawyer, denies the allegations and claims that the singer has been cooperative with law enforcement.

“We have been proactively communicating with NY law enforcement, the DA, and those involved,” Schuster told TMZ. “While we will respectfully and proactively work through all the appropriate channels, we are confident that Trey will be cleared of any wrong doing.” 

Songz has been accused of assault before – both physical and sexual. Most of the allegations have been dismissed by the alleged victims or judges handling the cases. 

For one, a woman named Morgan Johnson accused the singer of exposing her breast at a party in 2013. In another incident, UNLV basketball player Dylan Gonzalez claimed that Songz raped her more than nine years ago. 

The Las Vegas Police Department dropped a case against the singer earlier this year, during which he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in November 2021. 

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