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What’s Tea: Black Tea Blog Deactivated Social Media, Comes Back With Rebrand

What happened to the YouTuber? What caused her to go dark?

Ebony Mcennis, the mind behind Black Tea Blog, has become a popular YouTuber and social media blogger. Earlier this year, she got into a spat with Cardi B on Twitter.

Black Tea Blog, a popular YouTube channel started by a woman named Ebony Mcennis, deactivated her Twitter and Instagram, following recent controversies.

One of the controversies related to one of the blog’s tweets about the Tory Lanez trial. 

“I’m interested to see how people defend Megan if Tory Lanez is found innocent,” the tweet read.

The tweet was featured in a thread that called out social media blogs for lying about the trial or insinuating that Megan TheeStallion was a liar. Black Tea Blog has allegedly been known to spread questionable information about the trial. Many social media users called out the blog for the alleged spread of misinformation.

It’s hard to determine what Mcennis reported as she wiped her Instagram and Twitter clean. All of her tweets and Instagram posts have been deleted, which presumably happened during the time she deactivated her social media. 

Another controversy surrounded the blog’s profile picture on Twitter. It featured  a Black woman from the chest up with her eyes blurred out with a black color.

Interestingly enough, someone noticed that the photo was of a model named Chance. The model spoke out about the situation on Twitter, explaining that the heavily edited photo made her feel insecure.

“The person [in] the profile picture is actually me. She edited my lips, eyebrows and even my skin color,” the model wrote. “All these changes make me feel insecure about myself right now & she's using it without me and the photographer’s consent. I don’t know what to do so she stops using me..”

Social media users in the replies of her tweet gave suggestions on how to deal with the situation as well as show support and sympathy to the model. One explained that the photographer typically has ownership of the photos they take, and the photographer should file a copyright infringement claim. Others suggested she should flat out sue Mcennis, especially since the blogger was allegedly  harassing others.

After said controversies, Black Tea Blog came back quite differently. Not only has the Youtuber archived her posts on both Twitter and Instagram, she has changed her profile picture. Also, she has become private on Instagram with only one post at the moment. Her Twitter features one pinned tweet, looking to hire a writer for $540 dollar per week. 

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