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Alec Baldwin Sues "Rust" Crew Members for Negligence

Updated: Jul 5

The actor files a lawsuit of his own, aimed at the crew of the troubled film "Rust."
Mark Saglioco // Getty Images for National Geographic

Alec Baldwin filed a cross-complaint to clear his name in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin said the blame lies with the three crew members and the assistant director who provided ammunition to the set.

Baldwin named all the defendants from the 2021 lawsuit that was filed against him by the scriptwriter, Mamie Mitchell. Baldwin claims that he relied on all four to do their job and that Hutchins died as a result of their negligence.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office recently concluded their investigation and local prosecutors are debating on if they should file charges on Baldwin.

The cross-complaint contains a lengthy exoneration of Baldwin, complete with text messages and photos from the Sheriff’s investigation. The document faults armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed for failing to do her job properly, which led to a live round being loaded into the gun.

The other three named in the complaint are David Halls, the assistant director, Sarah Zachary, the propmaster, and Seth Kenny, the supplier. All four previously denied culpability. Halls was identified in court documents as the one who handed Baldwin the prop firearm. Baldwin accuses the assistant director of failing to check the gun and faults him for falsely clearing the gun of live rounds before handing the gun to Baldwin. Baldwin's complaint faults Gutierrez Reed and it claims that the armorer failed to do her job as well.

Read the full complaint below:
Alec Baldwin Cross Complaint
Download PDF • 3.73MB


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