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What's Tea: Nikita's Arrest and Subsequent Mental Health Treatment

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Nikita Dragun's arrest and viral plea to stay out of the men's unit of jail has led the influencer to check into a mental facility.
via @nikitadragun on Instagram

Nikita Dragun, beauty influencer and popular YouTuber, was arrested last week for walking around a luxury hotel naked.

Dragun was staying at the Goodtime Hotel when police were called for a resident being disorderly and "causing a disturbance." Hotel staff reported that Dragun had been walking around the pool area without her clothes and she had been bothering the other guests. She allegedly refused to quit the behavior despite confrontation from hotel security.

By the time police arrived, Dragun had went into her hotel room. When police walked up to her room, music can be heard from the room. Police, accompanied by staff and security, knocked several times on the influencer's door. Once Dragun answered the door, police asked her to turn down the music and she slammed the door in their face. The hotel staff continued to knock and Dragun opened the door agains, asking "Do you want more?" She began swinging while holding an open bottle of water. She soaked a hotel employee and officer with water and she ultimately arrested.

Dragun was sent to Miami-Dade County's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center for felony battery of a police officer, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Her bond was $5,000.

During her brief time in jail, the now-viral video of her court hearing shows Dragun asking the judge if she can be moved out of the men's unit of the Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

via Forty-Ninth Block Media

Officials at the correctional center dispute the claims that Dragun was put into the men's unit. Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation spokesperson Juan Diasgranados wanted to "push back" on the claims reported by many news outlets.

"Dragun never made it beyond the booking process prior to release; therefore, she was never place in a men's unit," said Diagranados. "All inmates undergoing our intake process remain in an open seating (open booking) area, in the presence of correctional staff. Additionally, inmate Dragun was place in a holding cell by herself due to her high profile status before being released, and she was escorted by an [LGBTQ+] officer during her time at the corrections facility."

Diasgranados said the agency has "procedures in place for the appropriate intake, housing and medical needs of transgender inmates."

Dragun's release was just as messy as TikTok star Icy Watt attempted to help with the process. Wyatt posted several TikTok videos about the situation, the first one inquiring whether she should help Dragun.

Wyatt likens Nikita's arrest to his own a few months ago. According to Glamour Buff, Wyatt was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and another person with a gun. He claims that he did not assault the officer and he was complying with the officer, even after he was allegedly hit to the ground. During the series of videos, he claims to have Facetimed Dragun and she appeared messed up. After the Facetime call, Wyatt and his friend went down to free Dragun from prison.

In one video, Wyatt said that he paid her bond, which had been reduced to $350. In his latest video regarding the situation, he details how he was sent home by Dragun's manager as they sent a car for her. Wyatt questions that as he originally stitched a video that featured fans picking up the beauty influencer.

In one last piece of the puzzle, TMZ reports that Dragun is receiving professional mental help in a facility. Dragun's rep Jack Ketsoyan told TMZ: "We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for Nikita this time. She is in a safe environment addressing her mental health. We ask for continued respect for her privacy and the sensitivity of this matter as she seeks treatment and healing."

Dragun has been open about mental health struggles in the past. In May, she shared in a YouTube video that she had been diagnosed as bipolar.


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