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Suspect in Takeoff’s Murder Released on Bond by “Concerned Citizen”

Updated: Jul 5

A “concerned citizen” pays the $1 million bond for Takeoff’s alleged killer

Patrick Clark (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP; Inlet: ABC13 Houston)

According to ABC 13 Houston, Patrick Clark made his $1 million bond on Wednesday. Clark was arrested and charged for the shooting death of Migos rapper, Takeoff, real name Kirsnick Khari Ball.

Clark’s bond was originally set for $2 million, but Judge Josh Hill lowered it to $1 million. His defense team asked to reduce the bond to $300,000, but that request was denied. Hill ruled that Clark’s previous statements indicated that he could pay the $1 million bond.

According to XXL Magazine, a “concerned citizen” paid for Clark’s bond. Attorney Letitia D. Quinones released a statement to the publication regarding her client’s release.

“Neither Patrick nor his family posted the bond in this case,” the statement read. “A concerned citizen and family friend who believes in Patrick’s innocence posted the bond on his behalf.”

The statement details that Clark has the right to bond as he is currently presumed innocent. Clark intends to comply with the terms of his release and show up to proceedings when he’s asked to, the statement reads.

Not only did his defense team fight against the original bond amount, Clark requested $5,000 to hire a private investigator. A judge reportedly granted Clark the money for the private investigator, who aims to prove Clark’s innocence.

Authorities said he had a gun in one gun and a wine bottle in another on the night of the shooting, and he was seen on camera firing his weapon. Those bullets allegedly hit Takeoff. Fingerprints on the bottle helped authorities identify Clark.

Another suspect was arrested in connection to Takeoff’s death. According to ABC 13 Houston, Cameron Joshua was charged with two counts of felon in possession of a weapon.

Clark is set to appear in court in March.


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