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What’s Tea: Cardi B Signs with New Management, New Album on the Way

Updated: Jul 5

Bronx-born rapper Cardi B has been signed to Full Stop Management and her sophomore album comes out next year.

Cardi B has signed with Irving and Jeffrey Azoff’s Full Stop Management. The move was initially reported by Billboard and the deal has been in the works for several months. Giant Music president Shawn Holiday played a huge role in the deal.

Full Stop was founded by the brother duo and it merged with Brandon Creed's The Creed Co. in 2017. Its clientele includes Harry Styles, Gwen Stefani, Saweetie, and Roddy Ricch.

During the early parts of her career, Cardi was signed to Klenord “Shaft” Raphael’s KSR group, though that relationship ended by 2018. Raphael sued the rapper for $10 million and Cardi countersued for $30 million. The two parties were able to reach a settlement that covered royalties owed to Cardi.

Last month, she won another lawsuit regarding the cover for her 2016 Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 mixtape. The cover features a photo of a man giving Cardi B fellatio as she drank a bottle of liquor. The tattoo featured on the man’s back was that of another man, named Kevin Brophy. He claims that he didn’t authorize the use of a photo of his tattoo to be used.

Many reports and rumors are coming in from various news outlets and social media users that not only is Cardi signed to new management, she’s releasing her sophomore album next year. No word from the rapper herself or her label, but Billboard confirmed the news.

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