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Man arrested and charged for Takeoff’s death, bond reduced after hearing

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

An update on the story surrounding the suspect in the shooting death of Migos rapper Takeoff.

Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston on November 1, 2022 at Billiards & Bowling

On Dec. 2, via a press conference, the Houston Police Department confirmed that they arrested Patrick Xavier Clark the previous night for the murder of Kirsnick Khari Ball, professionally known as Takeoff.

Clark had been arrested a day after another man, Cameron Joshua, was charged with the unlawful carrying of a weapon in connection to the case. The news came a month after the rapper’s death.

Last week, Clark went in front of a judge asking for his $2 million to be reduced to $300,000. Instead of the requested $300,000, Clark’s bond was lowered to $1 million. Judge Josh Hill believes Clark may be a flight risk and he requested a deep dive into Clark’s personal finances. Hill wonders why Clark couldn’t post bond as he was recorded on a jail phone call saying that the $2 million was doable. 

According to ABC13 Houston, witnesses took to the stand during court and had nothing but good things to say about Clark. It appears that Clark’s entire family was in court on Wednesday. 

Joseph Clark, the suspect’s father, said that he is willing to put up the family’s home as collateral if his son’s bond is lowered. The whole family will co-sign a bond issued from a bondsman if lowered. Mark Metze, a bail bondsman, said the family has taken care of it. 

According to Houston Public Media, Clark had obtained an expedited U.S. passport before his arrest at the beginning of December. He also had a plane ticket to Mexico and more than $1,000 in cash on hand. 

Once arrested and charged, Clark requested $5,000 to hire a private investigator to help prove his innocence. Complex reports that his family spent their money on an attorney who agreed to work at a reduced rate. Clark argued that he needed to hire someone to “properly investigate” and prepare for the trial. He claims that an investigator has agreed to work on his case for a reduced rate as well. The court ultimately granted him the money.

Detectives on the case allege that Clark had a gun in one hand while holding a wine bottle in the other hand. They claim that Clark was seen on camera firing his weapon, which struck and killed Takeoff. Fingerprints on the wine bottle helped authorities identify Clark. Detectives say that Clark searched for information about the case online as well as his age and name in relation to the case. Clark’s attorney claims that he did not know he was a prime suspect in Takeoff’s death. 

The state asked for such a high bond due to Clark planning to flee the country and he was deemed a flight risk. Prosecutors believe he’s a danger to the community. 

A search warrant, released last week, cites video and forensic evidence that led to Clark’s arrest. Read full warrant below:

Search Warrant for Patrick Xavier Clark
Download PDF • 4.22MB

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