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Lizzo Clarifies Last Week’s Statement in Recent Social Media Video, Declares She Won’t Quit Music

Updated: Jul 5

The “Juice” singer takes to social media to clarify her latest statement in which she stated, “I QUIT."

LIzzo posed for a photo on Instagram; screenshots from Lizzo’s video statement
Lizzo finds herself clarifying a concerning statement she made last week, which had many people thinking that she’s leaving the music industry

Grammy-winning singer Lizzo took to social media regarding her previous statement from last week, and squashed the buzz surrounding her supposed departure from the music industry.

In an Instagram video, she details what she meant by last week’s statement. She notes that she isn’t quitting music, though she’ll quit giving attention to negative energy.

“What I’m not going to quit is the joy of my life – which is making music, which is connecting to people,” the singer said. 

In a blue Yitty bodysuit, Lizzo continues on with a positive and uplifting statement. She aims to help others not focus on negative energy as well. She later gives gratitude to those who have shown her love recently.

The singer previously posted to social media on Friday and voiced her frustration with the backlash and negativity she’s faced in recent months. She noted that she was tired of dealing with being dragged by everyone in her life and on social media. She ended the statement by saying she quits, which left social media speculating that she’s quitting music altogether.  

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