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Christine Quinn and Estranged Husband Filed Mutual Restraining Orders Following Alleged Domestic Incident and Arrest

Updated: Mar 29

The couple is taking legal action against one another after a domestic incident that led to an arrest.

Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet posed on a red carpet; Dumontet in handcuffs
The “Selling Sunset” star and her now estranged husband are intertwined in legal drama stemming from a domestic incident, both of which have differing accounts on what happened.

“Selling Sunset” Star Christine Quinn files a temporary restraining order (TRO) on her estranged husband Christian Dumontet after his arrest and his own restraining order.

Dumontent filed his restraining order against Quinn due to fears the reality star may attempt to kidnap their three-year-old son. PEOPLE Magazine obtained a copy of his restraining order on Tuesday, which requests Quinn to move out and stay 100 yards from his Los Angeles Home. 

The restraining order stems from the alleged domestic incident on March 19, which landed Dumontent in jail and his son in the hospital.

According to his restraining order request, the couple argued about Quinn’s two dogs that fateful day. The argument stemmed from the fact that Quinn allegedly refuses to have the dogs house or crate trained. 

“Dumontet constantly finds himself the only one cleaning up after the dogs, so much so that operating and cleaning the remote vacuum cleaner has become a bonding activity between himself and three-year-old Christian,” the document read.

Dumontet claimed that on the day of the arrest, Quinn refused to clean up after her dogs. It was at this moment that Dumontet picked up the trash bag and threw it to the side of the room, hitting the wall. The document notes that Dumontet did not throw the bag towards Quinn or their son.

Quinn’s own TRO request tells a different story.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the “Selling Sunset” star details what she describes as a marriage in decline for several years. The supposed marital woes hit a breaking point last week when Quinn attempted to address financial woes with Dumontet.

Quinn’s TRO filing claims that a conversation about finances set Dumontet off, leading to him throwing decorative items at her. She also alleges that he urinated on the floor and hurled dog feces at her during his alleged fit. 

The alleged incident convinced the reality television star to leave her husband for good. She secretly made plans to do so the next day, wanting to leave with her son. Quinn says she invited a nanny over the next day to make sure Dumontet wouldn’t lock down property.

As she was packing her belongings, Quinn claims Dumontet entered their room and began yelling at her. He then allegedly threw a bag of recyclables at her, which missed and hit their son.

Quinn managed to leave the room and called 911, which led to Dumontet’s arrest.

Neither Quinn nor Dumontet have spoken out publicly about the incident.


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