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What’s Tea? Diddy’s Federal Investigation: An Alleged Drug Mule, Exiting Revolt TV and Prince Harry

Updated: Mar 29

The federal investigation surrounding the media executive has only gotten messier since the raids on his homes.

Diddy finds himself in a sticky situation where his empire appears to falling down as he’s the subject of a federal investigation.

Sean “Diddy” Combs is the subject of a federal investigation relating to allegations of sex trafficking, sexual assault and the illegal solicitation and distribution of narcotics and firearms. The investigation is what led to the raids of Combs’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

A source close to the situation told NBC News that three women and one man were interviewed in Manhattan about the allegations. Four law enforcement sources said agents from Homeland Security Investigations executed search warrants out of the South District of New York.

As Homeland Security raided the homes of the music mogul, they detained Combs’ sons – Justin and Christian Dior – at the Los Angeles home before ultimately letting them go. Following the raids, they were seen leaving the home with their things. Combs was also seen pacing in front of the Miami airport after the raids.

As federal agents raided Combs homes, a man alleged to be the music mogul’s drug mule was arrested on cocaine and marijuan possession charges. The man, named Brendan Paul, was taken into custody on Monday afternoon at Opa-Locka Airport in Miami. 

It’s unclear if Paul’s arrest was connected to the investigation into Combs or where he was headed to at the airport.

The investigation could also include British royalty as Prince Harry was named in the lawsuit against Combs. The Prince of Sussex was not accused of wrongdoing, though it serves as a reminder of his prior association with the music executive. 

In 2007, Prince Harry and Prince Willam posed alongside Kanye West and Diddy after they played at the “Concert for Diana.” 

Combs later sold his shares in Revolt TV amidst the chaotic situation. The buyer of his shares remains anonymous, though, the company claims to still be Black-owned. Combs' representatives have not responded to any of the media's request for comment.


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