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“Selling Sunset” Star Christine Quinn’s Husband Arrested for Domestic Violence

Updated: Mar 29

Quinn and her child headed to the hospital following a domestic incident with the reality star's husband.

Christian Richard arrested in just a bathrobe with no shoes
Christian Richard arrested on Tuesday, March 19 after a domestic incident that sent his two-year-old son to the hospital. (Photo Courtesy: on Instagram)

Christian Richard, husband of “Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn, was arrested Tuesday afternoon for domestic violence involving the couple’s son.

The Los Angeles Police Department received a call at 2 p.m. local time in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

“The suspect threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the victim, missed the victim but hit the victim’s child, causing injury,” a public information officer told Page Six. “The child was seen by paramedics but not transported to hospital.”

According to Page Six, a separate source told the publication that their son did go to the emergency room and Quinn rode in the ambulance with her son. PEOPLE Magazine reports that Richard was charged with a “deadly weapon.”

Page Six reports that Richard was cooperative during the arrest during which he was only wearing a bathrobe and no shoes. As of Wednesday, Richard is still in custody as he’s being held on a $30,000 bail, which has yet to be placed.

Quinn has yet to publicly address the incident, and her representative hasn’t responded to any publication’s request for comment. The “Selling Sunset” star has been married to Richard since 2019 with whom she shares a two-year-old son named Christian Georges Dumontet.

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