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Cher Petitions for Conservatorship Over Son and His Finances

The “Believe” singer took to court to potentially oversee her son’s finances

Cher with her son Elijah Blue Allman
The singer ande actress files for conservatorship regarding her son and his finances due to concerns about his mental health struggles and substance issues (Photo Courtesy: Bei/Shutterstock)

Cher filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court to become a temporary conservator of her son, Elijah Blue Allman, and his finances. 

The petition says that a conservator is needed urgently as assets must be distributed by the end of the year. It claims that Allman is unable to properly manage his assets due to the struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the petition notes that Cher has worked to get Allman into treatment, claiming that she’s always worked in his best interests. Despite the concerns, Allman himself is singing a different tune.

“I am well, and able, and of sound mind and body,” Allman said on a phone call with AP News. 

He didn’t specify whether or not he intended to oppose the petition and didn’t give any further comment.

There was also mention of Allman’s divorce from his now estranged wife, Marieangela King. According to the petition, Cher believes that the couple was estranged until recently. She notes that King wouldn’t be an appropriate conservator due to their ongoing divorce and the subsequent “immediate loss or dissipation of Elijah’s assets” if she takes up the role.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for January 5. 

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