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Chuck Norris Receives “Healthy Settlement” from CBS Lawsuit

The “Walker, Texas Ranger” sued through his production company in order to receive what he was owed.

Chuck Norris in “Walker, Texas Walker”
Chuck Norris filed a lawsuit against both CBS and Sony Pictures TV, though, the latter was dropped from the matter in 2022 (Photo Courtesy: Courtesy Everett Collection)

Walker, Texas Ranger” star Chuck Norris finally received a settlement from CBS more than five years after filing his 2018 lawsuit.

Norris sued the network for $30 million for allegedly failing to pay agreed-upon profits and residuals from the show. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed the case after both sides agreed on a settlement.

CBS and Norris’ lawyer, John V. Berlinksi are keeping details of the settlement under wraps. Though, Deadline reports that Norris received a “healthy settlement” from the suit.

Norris, through Top Kick Production — his production company — claimed that both CBS and Sony Pictures TV violated a term in his contract that allowed him to receive 23 percent of the show’s profits. This would include “any, and all, exploitation” of “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

The suit alleges that CBS marketed and distributed the show in a way that they wouldn’t have to pay Norris his share of the revenue. Top Kick alleged that CBS has not included Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) revenue on profit participation since 2004.

Sony was dropped from the suit last year even though the suit said it had the same contractual obligation as CBS. Neither Sony or CBS have commented on the suit and settlement publicly.

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