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Leah Remini Releases a Statement in Response to Danny Masterson’s Rape Case Mistrial

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The actress took to social media to voice her thoughts on the mistrial.

Leah Remini posted a statement on social media detailing Scientology’s role in the mistrial of Danny Masterson’s rape case (Photo: IMDb)

Danny Masterson’s rape case has been declared a mistrial and Leah Remini had something to say about it. She recently posted a full, two-page statement to her social media accounts.

Remini began the statement by admitting her joy for the scheduled retrial. 

"While this is not the outcome I wanted for the survivors of Danny Masterson’s predation, I am glad that a retrial has already been scheduled,” Remini said in the statement. 

The Brooklyn-born actress has been quite vocal throughout the trial due to the role of the Church of Scientology. Remini famously left the organization in 2013 and she hasn’t been silent about its alleged abusive practices, especially against those who leave. 

In her statement, Remini explains that Scientology has targeted the victims as well as harassed them. The victims also faced harassment from their families and friends who remain within the organization.

Remini says that Scientologists aren’t allowed to report crimes committed by fellow Scientologists to civil authorities, rather they have to report to internal Scientology authorities. The three victims had gone to the internal authorities, and Remini alleges that they were subsequently blamed and abused. Not only, they were allegedly told that they weren’t raped and that they should use word “rape” again.

The statement details the time when one of the victims went to the LAPD in 2004. 

“One of the women went to the LAPD 18 years ago after nothing came of attempts to seek Justice within Scientology,” Remini said in the statement. “Scientology did everything it could to destroy that case then, and they are doing everything they can now to destroy this case.”

Remini alleges that Scientology covered up the alleged crimes and they have done this many times in cases of rape and sexual misconduct. She feels that the organization should be a co-defendant during the retrial. 

She ends the statement by shouting out those fighting against Scientology. She calls for them to “rest, for now” as they deserve it. Remini calls upon them to get back to work as the world needs more heroes like them.

Full Statement Below:

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