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Netflix's "Love Is Blind" Live Reunion Will No Longer Be Live

As fans stayed up late to watch the drama unravel, the live aspect of the reunion fell through.

The live reunion was plagued with technical issues and delays all night.

Netflix officially announced on Twitter that the live reunion for the fourth season of "Love Is Blind" won't be live.

The streaming giant made the announcement an hour and a half after the event was scheduled to go live. The announcement comes after viewers ran to social media to voice frustration about the live event not properly streaming.

"...we are incredibly sorry that the Love is Blind Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned," the tweet read.

Netflix promises that the reunion will be filmed and uploaded onto the streaming service "as soon as humanly possible." The specifics of what caused the delay weren't mentioned, but many would chalk it up to technical issues.

Fans anxiously anticipated the live reunion due to the drama that unfolded throughout the season. For one, there were a few breakups – three to be exact. The first one happened between Zack and Irena as they didn't make it out of the couple's retreat in Mexico together. Zack ultimately proposed to and married another woman named Bliss.

Another breakup happened during the fitting: Jackie, who was engaged to Marshall, didn't show up to her dress fitting. She went on a mini date with Josh, who she had broken things off with to be with Marshall. Jackie and Josh were absent from the reunion and the duo had started dating, according to People.

The last couple to break up did so at the altar. Micah and Paul broke off their relationship at their wedding, though we don't know if they are still together. According to TODAY, they have not confirmed the status of their relationship.

Another piece of drama will deal with Micah and Irena's mean girl attitudes. Fans ran to social media to call out the duo's mean girl tendencies during their times in the pods.

The fourth season of the experimental show originally aired March 23, 2023. Netflix did not specify an airing date for the pre-recorded reunion.

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