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“The Challenge” Star Tori Deal Threatens Legal Action Following Co-Star Amanda Garcia’s Allegations

Updated: Jul 5

Following her own post ridiculing Garcia, Tori Deal claims to have contacted a lawyer following allegations stated by her co-star.

Cast photos for Tori Deal for both “The Challenge: All Stars” and “The Challenge: Dirty Thirty”; Amanda Garcia in her cast photo for season four of “The Challenge: All Stars”; Theo Campbell in an Instagram post
Tori Deal and Amanda Garcia have a long-standing beef that was reignited by Deal’s recent post (Photo Courtesy: Aaron Paramount/Paramount/MTV/Theo Campbell on Instagram)

“The Challenge” stars Amanda Garcia and Tori Deal reignite their beef ahead of the upcoming season of “The Challenge: USA”

Deal recently posted to Instagram a series of photos with one featuring a cast photo for the fourth season of “The Challenge: All Star.” The photo included Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Cory Wharton, Wes Bergmann, Jonna Mannion, and Amanda Garcia. Deal posted the photo with a clown emoji over Garcia’s face, sparking a series of angry tweets from Garcia.

Garcia’s first tweet read:

“Sorry guys, I just got off work. I didn’t realize that roided out monster was such a fan…thanks for highlighting ME in your post loser”

In her many tweets, Garcia alleges that Deal had some form of plastic surgery, taking steroids and doing sexual favors in exchange for money. She specifically refers to Deal as “a steroid injecting prostitute.”

After Garcia unleashed her series of tweets, Deal posts to her Instagram story that she’ll contact a lawyer. In another Instagram story post, she notes that it’s crossing a line to make up lies about someone doing illegal things.

The duo has had their share of beef in the past, which came to a head during the reunion for “The Challenge: Spies, Lies, Allies” when Garcia was asked why she didn’t like Deal.

“I‘ve just never f–ked with her,” Garcia explained. “She’s always kind of been a chameleon. Every season, she spends [time] with different people. She’s not friends with that person, she has a new boyfriend. People can’t keep up with her, and I don’t like someone who’s not consistently the same person every season.”

Deal argued that people grow and change, though Garcia quips that she hasn’t seen growth within Deal. Host Maria Menuonos asked Garcia if the problem is resolvable and Garcia said she doesn’t.

Deal felt the opposite as she would accept an apology if it were to ever come her way. Garcia feels that would lead to a fake friendship as she felt the two don’t have anything in common.

Amidst Garcia’s tweets, Theo Campbell, star track runner who competed on “The Challenge: War of the Worlds” and “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2,” chimed in with a tweet of his own.

“You’re the reason production has this new two-hour sit down meeting about social media and safeguarding then,” the tweet read.

Deal ultimately deleted the photo from the post that started the entire situation.


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