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Zeus Network Announces New Season for Three of its Shows

Another season of "Baddies", "Joseline's Cabaret", and "Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love" are on their way.

The promotional posters for the upcoming seasons of "Baddies East," "Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love," and "Joseline's Cabaret New York"
Zeus Network has garnered popularity with its chaotic yet entertaining catalogue. The steaming service has renewed three of its popular shows. (Credit: Chinyere Ibeh/The Zeus Network)

The streaming service named after the Greek God of the sky recently announced the season renewal of three of its most popular shows.

"Joseline's Cabaret", "Baddies", and "Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love" will receive another season with Zeus Network. Two of the shows will be on the move with "Joseline's Cabaret" heading to New York and "Baddies" traveling the entire east coast.

Each of these shows have dealt with their fair share of controversy. "Joseline's Cabaret: Las Vegas", the third season, featured a chaotic reunion and a subsequent lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez and her husband Ballistic Beatz, real name Robin Ingouma. Castmates Amber Ward and K. Kapri spoke about what actually happened during the reunion in an Instagram Live session.

“Yes, I’m in the hospital because Joseline kicked me and Ballistic attacked me,” Amber Ali said. “I came to the hospital because my ribs are very bruised. Because Joseline had some big…boots on and she kicked me.”

Ali proceeds to show the bruises, explaining that she wants to make sure her ribs weren’t broken. She then discussed the legal action she planned to take on Hernandez and Inguoma.

“We’re going to handle this in court,” Ali said. “He’s going to jail, no questions asked. I’m not stopping. And, I’m going to get an order of protection on him. I’m doing everything.”

K. Kapri alleged that the couple were felons and that Hernandez was under the influence of drugs. She alleged that this is the reason they left as soon as filming for the reunion wrapped.

“You know they left, because he’s a felon. They’re felons. They left and got on the plane tonight. She’s a felon and she was high off coke,” K. Kapri said. “While the police were there, if any of us told them to test her there, she would have went to jail.”

Ali explained she may sue Zeus Network as well because they let Ingouma and Hernandez leave. She alleged the network wanted to protect the couple from getting arrested.

However, she later dropped the $25 million lawsuit against the couple and the streaming service. On May 17, 2022, she posted a statement to Instagram that read:

“Thank you to all of my fans that have my back! After deep thought, I am no longer seeking legal action against [Zeus Network], Joseline, or Ballistic for what took place at the reunion.”

Some social media users speculated that Ali was paid to drop her lawsuit.

"Baddies East" serves as the fourth season of the "Baddies" series, which is a spinoff of the hit show, “Bad Girls Club.” The series began on OnlyFans before Zeus Network officially picked it up. "Baddies West", season three of the series, ended in chaos as well.

The cast of "Baddies West" included Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Atlanta and Stunna Girl, a Sacramento rapper who auditioned for the show. During the second portion of her audition, Stunna Girl had an argument with Sukihana, another rapper known for her time on Love & Hip Hop Miami. As Stunna Girl and Sukihana’s argument turned physical, Tommie Lee threw a drink and tried to swing on Stunna Girl.

This began a season-long beef that ended in a chaotic season finale. During the finale, the cast were doing a club appearance in San Francisco. Several fights broke out, someone threw a shoe during the cast’s performance, and the club was ultimately sprayed with mace.

As the cast found their way out of the club, people associated with Tommie Lee attacked Stunna Girl, ending with the duo eventually fighting one another. The Sacramento rapper changed her outfit and returned with her boyfriend, who had a gun. He shot the gun towards the "Baddies West" bus and the crowd surrounding it.

Auditions for "Baddies" East will happen on May 12 in Washington, D.C. On the registration form for the audition, it spells out that they “take the health and safety of our contestants, cast, and crew extremely seriously.” It spells out how physical altercations, weapons, and drugs are not allowed. Though, the registration has closed due to the overwhelming response.

“Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love” is the newest show in Zeus Network’s lineup as the upcoming season will be its second. The show caused quite a stir as many believe the show glorified toxic relationships. Others appeared to enjoy the entertainment the show appeared to bring.

The release dates for the upcoming seasons haven’t been announced as Zeus Network is currently airing “Bad Boys Texas” and soon the reunion for “Baddies West.”


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