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JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank Sued For Their Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

Updated: Jul 5

JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank have been sued by a Jane Doe for profiting from the sexual of young girls and women by late financier Jeffry Epstein.

Two well-respected financial institutions may have their day in court as two women accuse them of funding and facilitating the sex trafficking and sexual abuse against young girls and women by Jeffrey Epstein (Top Photo: Reuters/Simon Dawson/File Photo, Bottom Photo: TonelsonProductions/Shutterstock, Inlet Photo: Patrick McMulllan/Getty Images)

According to Forbes, two lawsuits were filed against JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank on Thursday for their role in the sexual abuse of women by the hands of Jeffrey Epstein. 

The lawsuits allege the financial institutions “benefitted and received things of value for assisting, supporting, facilitating, and otherwise providing the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization to successfully rape, sexually assault and coercively sex traffic Plaintiff Jane Doe 1…”

This comes during a year-long window in New York for adult sex abuse victims to file cases that would have otherwise been past the statute of limitations. These lawsuits were brought by two different unnamed women who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse.

Both lawsuits describe the inner-workings of Epstein’s trafficking ring. For one, the lawsuits allege that Epstein did not work alone. Epstein was allegedly able to maintain his trafficking ring with the help of influential people who knew he was sexually trafficking and abusing young women and girls. These influential people helped facilitate Epstein’s “sexual 

trafficking operation.” 

Deutsche Bank allegedly played a role in the operation from around 2013 until 2018. The bank “knowingly participated” by enabling zepstein to pay off victims. The lawsuit alleges that Deutsche Bank made millions from helping Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring. 

JPMorgan declined to speak with Forbes, though Deutsche Bank told the publication that the allegation holds no merit and the bank will present its own case in court.

Read both lawsuits below:

Deutsche Bank Lawsuit
Download PDF • 568KB

JPMORGAN Chase Lawsuit
Download PDF • 528KB

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