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Tory Lanez Files Motion for New Trial in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

The saga surrounding the shooting of the Houston Hotties continues.

Megan Thee Stallion attends "The Hollywood Reporter's" Most Powerful Stylists of Hollywood Event (Instagram @theestallion) / Tory Lanez leaves court with two security guards in tow (Instagram @torylanez)

Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, filed a motion in order to get a new trial after he was found guilty for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, real name Megan Pete.

Peterson's attorneys, Jose Baez and Matthew Barhoma, cite multiple grounds in paperwork filed on Wednesday. One of the claims allege that the judge allowed jurors to view a September 2020 Instagram post from Peterson's personal account that claimed Kelsey Harris, Pete’s former friend and assistant, was not the shooter.

According to the filing obtained by Rolling Stone, Peterson's content creator, Joshua Faria, claimed that he was managing Peterson's Instagram at that point. He was the one who replied “that’s not true” to a comment on The Shade Room’s post accusing Harris of being the shooter.

His attorneys allege prosecutors ambushed them with the post in the middle of the trail. They also state that the judge shouldn’t have blocked the post as the defense didn’t have enough time to figure out who wrote the reply. They say the post amounted to an admission from Lanez that Harris wasn’t the shooter, which is an issue as their whole defense was that Harris shot and injured Pete.

“The court erred on numerous questions of law in allowing the People to introduce this post, depriving defendant of a fair trial,” the motion read. “The only acceptable remedy for this miscarriage of justice is a new trial.”

Peterson was convicted on all three charges against him and he’s facing more than two decades behind bars. At a hearing in January, Peterson’s lawyers successfully requested to delay sentencing until April so they could review trial transcripts and fully prepare a motion.

The motion echoes Peterson’s frustration with how the trial unfolded. According to Rolling Stone, a close source to Peterson said the singer wanted to take the witness stand, but he was dissuaded by his lawyer at the time, George Mgdesyan. Peterson came to regret the decision, though the move would have been risky.

Prosecutors will likely file a reply to the motion ahead of the April 10 sentence hearing.


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