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Woah Vicky Press Charges Against Chrisean Rock Following Fight with Rock’s Friend

The popular social media personality involved in a physical altercation with a friend of one of her castmates, leading her to get the legal system involved.

The bruises Woah Vicky sustained from the fight, Woah Vicky poses in a photo for Instagram, Chrisean Rock pregnant, Janet poses in photo for Instagram
Chrisean Rock finds herself in legal trouble as Woah Vicky presses charges for the fight with Rock’s friend, Janet. (Photo Courtesy: Woah Vicky on YouTube/@imwoahvicky on Instagram/@chriseanchriseanchrisean on Instagram/@jay13ird on Instagram)

Woah Vicky, real name Victoria Waldrip, a popular and often controversial social media personality, pressed charges against her “Baddies East” castmate Chrisean Rock, real name Chrisean Malone.

According to the complaint, Waldrip is looking to charge Malone with second degree assault. The case relates to an incident that happened on August 13 while the two were filming “Baddies East.” Waldrip took to YouTube to explain why she pressed charges against Malone and what led up to the incident.

“Woah Vicky liked some tweets that weren’t good, that were messy. But, Woah Vicky didn’t mean to like those tweets,” Waldrip said in the video.

She explained that she apologized when confronted by Malone and Malone’s sister, Tesehki, about liking the messy tweets. Waldrip claims that Malone didn’t believe the apology and threw something at her. She notes that Malone wanted to fight her at that moment, even though she’s several months pregnant.

“If it weren’t for security, she would’ve attacked me,” Waldrip said.

A photo of Lemuel Plummer’s Instagram Story statement
Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer posts to his Instagram story to clarify Malone’s role, or lack thereof, in the situation (Photo Courtesy: Lemuel Plummer on Instagram)

The next day, Waldrip was filming a scene for “Baddies East” when Malone’s friend, Janet, attacked her. In an audio clip that captured the aftermath of the fight, you can hear someone ask how Janet got to Waldrip so fast. Someone in the background is heard saying, “Superman.”

Waldrip also showed the bruises she sustained due to the fight. Her toes have scratches and her toenails are clipped, her chin has a small scratch, her knee has a bigger bruise where she was cut and her thigh has a small cut.

According to a Twitter user, Waldrip posted to her Close Friends on Instagram that she had a clause in her contract for “Baddies East” stating that she couldn’t be touched. The social media star claims that Zeus executives told her there would be no fighting on “Baddies East” as it would have a more positive spin.

Lemuel Plummer, CEO of Zeus Network, posted to his Instagram story that Malone wasn’t part of any physical altercation.

Zeus Network hasn’t said anything else about the situation. Both the streaming service and Malone have not answered requests for comment.


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