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Woman Whose Face Was Used By A$AP Rocky to Get Over Railing Has Been Identified

Updated: Jul 5

A$AP Rocky used a woman’s face to get over a railing to get to the Met Gala. He later apologized.

A woman with glasses, three screenshots of A$AP Rocky using a woman's face to get over a railing

As celebrities made their way to this year’s Met Gala, A$AP Rocky made quite the entrance.

In a viral video, the Harlem-born rapper is seen making his way through a crowd of unknowing fans. Dawning an all-black outfit, topped off with a hoodie and sunglasses, he’s seen struggling to get onto the red carpet leading into the Carlyle Hotel. As he makes his way to the railing, he uses a woman’s face to help him over the railing. He subsequently knocked the woman's glasses off of her face.

The woman has been identified as Madelyn Llanes. During the Met Gala, she tweeted about the incident.

“[A$AP] Rocky just literally jumped over me,” the tweet read.

A day later, the rapper formally apologizes via a tweet of his own.

“LOL MY FAULT SWEETHEART," his tweet read,

A Nick Minaj fanpage, @MELINKA, later claimed to be Llanes in a a viral tweet of their own.

"-I it was me...," the tweet read. They doubled down with a follow up tweet, claiming that everything is "all good." The follow up tweet features a photo of Llanes and her friend.

They later admitted that they "had to get a hit tweet," a phrase referring to when a tweet goes viral. Another user had called them out on using Llanes' photo and falsely claiming to be her.

The 2023 Met Gala occurred on Monday, May 1 with its theme of Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. A$AP Rocky arrived with Rihanna in a Gucci ensemble: a suit and tie on the top with a plaid kilt, bedazzled jeans, and steel-toed shoes on the bottom half. He wears shades, a nod to Lagerfeld's iconic look. Rihanna dawned a white Valentino dress with a white ruffled cape.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna at the 2023 Met Gala
Rihanna dawns a white Valentino dress with a floral shawl that doubles as a cape. ASAP Rocky's Gucci ensemble features a plaid kilt, bedazzled jeans, steel-toed shoes, and a suit and tie on top with shades. (Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Fellow celebrities arrived in corsets, dramatic gloves and capes, as well as feline inspirations.

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