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Xscape Member Tamika Scott Exposes Sister LaTocha Scott in Explosive Video

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Scott’s video is the latest in the long-time back-and-forth between the sisters.

Xscape's Tamika Scott backs up her claims against her sister LaTocha Scott. She's accused her sister of stealing her royalties as well as trying to extort her using a sextape she made in her 20s.

Tamika Scott, a singer known for her time in R&B group Xscape, released a video that featured screenshots to back up her claims against her sister.

She alleged that her sister, LaTocha Scott, and her brother-in-law Rocky Bivens stole her royalty checks by sending them to their address and forging her signature. She validated her claims by sharing screenshots of the changed address and the forging of her signature.

“And they changed my address to their address, how they changed my email, everything…was changed by my sister,” Tamika explained.

Tamika Scott plasters forms related to her royalties. They feature the alleged address and email of LaTocha Scott. It shows what she claims are her forged signatures | @TheRealTamikaScott on YouTube
LaTocha Scott allegedly sent this text to Tamika, threatening to release her sextape | @TheRealTamikaScott on YouTube

She insinuates that more than $30,000 was stolen from her, but she makes it clear that she’s being nice by keeping it at that amount. Tamika then proceeds to speak about the extortion regarding a sex tape she made in her 20s.

“I didn’t want to take it back to my house, so I gave the tape to my sister and [told] her to hold it,” Tamika said. “I went back to get it. She said someone stole it [from] her safe.”

When Tamika asked who had the safe’s code, LaTocha said that only she and her husband had the code. Tamika alleges that the couple is trying to extort her using the sex tape — if she doesn’t apologize for the false allegations, they threaten to release the tape.

Tamika also explains the debacle surrounding the duo’s gospel album deal with Motown records.

“So, my sister came up to my house [in] March of last year … we were cooking, having a good time. But, it was a scratch in the record that told her that we need to split everything down the middle. We need to write everything, we need to create everything together,” Tamika said. “And, all of the sudden, she was outraged. She was like, ‘well, this is what I do. I do music. You can do screenplays and you can write plays and movies. But, I’m the singer in the family.’ She just went bananas.”

She details the ins and outs of the gospel deal, dispelling LaTocha’s claims that Bivens got them the deal in the first place. Tamika states that the deal came from a lady who sat down with the duo that actually got them the deal. She alleges that Bivens was the one who talked LaTocha out of the deal rather than bring the deal to the duo.

Tamika ends the video saying that she’s not apologizing as the evidence backs her claims.

“Now, the world knows you are a liar. That is doing a gospel album. That is stealing from the church, stealing from your sister, stealing my identity,” Tamika said.

LaTocha has denied the allegations that Tamika made throughout the years. Tamika dissects the entire situation in an eighteen-minute video on her YouTube channel.

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