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What’s Tea? JT Engages in Twitter War with Ken Barbie and Lil Uzi Vert’s Alleged Entanglement

Updated: Jul 5

Ken Barbie’s tweet started an all out war with himself and the City Girl, somehow roping in Lil Uzi Vert’s alleged side chick.

Ken Barbie, JT, and Saudiah B posing in pictures
Ken Barbie, a known celebrity blogger, sends Twitter in chaos as he starts a long war of words with JT. The city later got into it Lil Uzi Vert’s alleged side chick.

Ken Barbie, real name Ken Davis, began a war of words with JT, one half of the City Girls, when he sent out a disparaging tweet about JT and Ice Spice.

The tweet brought a delayed response from JT, real name Jatavia Johnson, devolving into a back-and-forth between the celebrity blogger and rapper that featured various screenshots and videos. Some of the screenshots featured conversations about Lil Uzi Vert, real name Symere Woods, and his alleged entanglements. 

“Somebody better tell JT Ice Spice already brought her ‘princess’ collar,” Ken Barbie’s original tweet read.

His tweet features a screenshot of JT’s tweet that reads “the princess vs the peasants,” accompanied by a photo of Ice Spice wearing a “princess” necklace. JT responds by accusing him of using terms that insinuate that Black women are dogs. 

This leads to JT telling the blogger to “pull up” as she was currently in New York. Ken Barbie takes a jab about JT’s latest song allegedly sitting at the bottom of the charts. The blogger called out the rapper’s hypocrisy as she allegedly tweeted how she likes dark skin girls, but not the ones that are “too crispy.” 

Davis continuously alleged that JT wasn’t as tough as she was presenting. For one, he tweeted an audio clip featuring Rah Ali, a socialite known for her time on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Ali was heard explaining the negative energy surrounding Johnson. She alleges that she spoke with someone from Miami and that person says that Johnson isn’t as tough as she portrays.

“I talked to a b–h from Miami. [Johnson] is a punk,” Ali said in the recording. “She said, ‘Sis, with all the mouth, another one of those ‘loudest b–hes in the room’ is the softest one. Ain’t gon’ fight, never seen that b–h scratch a h–e.’”

Throughout the back-and-forth, Wood’s alleged entanglements were mentioned. Davis alleges that Johnson knew about the supposed flings, though Johnson didn’t see how this was relevant to the topic at hand.

At this point, one of Wood’s alleged side chicks, Saudiah B., chimes into the drama. The woman pens a short note about her alleged relationship with the “Just Wanna Rock” rapper in 2020 — or lack thereof.

“You constantly run with this side bitch narrative which you know isn't true, you've dm'd me, stalked me down in malls, etc.,” the note partially read.

Johnson responds to Saudinah’s tweet via a Twitter Voice note, saying that she hasn’t spoken to Saudiah in three years. She notes that she told Davis to not bring up any of Woods’ alleged entanglements. 

The two trade insults for some time, though, it ends with Johnson getting the last word.

“Last tweet: I’m trolling [because] she really came at me for no reason [about] something from three years ago. And now, y’all acting like I started it with Ms. Alibaba,” Johnson tweeted.


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